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Oh, I've also hiked in the Scottish Highlands; backpacked in King's, Sequoia and Yosemite National Parks in California, through the Olympic National Park in Washington State (a 10-day, 96-mile jaunt); day-hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon (and stayed for two nights at Phantom Ranch); kayaked for five days in the San Juan Islands (camping for four nights, different island each night, eating salmon grilled on cedar planks over wood fires, getting the view of a lifetime - from a safe distance - of a pod of Orcas); deep-sea fished over two nights out of San Diego, California (a couple of times); and a few other things... 

​You should see my bucket list!

T.E. Hatton, Author (etc.)

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Just a little about me...I have a passion for good coffee, dark chocolate, dry red wine, good food, horses (though I've yet to own any and I'm deathly allergic, but I have found a life-changing allergy medication), football (especially, but not only, college) and basketball (especially college), archery, other sports too... England and most things UK-esque, France, French, boring things like relative fitness (not as in the physical health of family members, although that matters, too), covert singing, forensics (science and psychology)... and my daughter...not necessarily in that order.

From the "In Case You're Interested" column: Right before college, I had the incredible opportunity to live in Cambridge, England for a year, and also travel to Scotland, Wales, France and Switzerland. After that, I went to Michigan State University, ultimately receiving my Bachelor's Degree in English-Writing.​​