T.E. Hatton, Author (etc.)

c. TE Hatton 2010

By "Fortunate" I mean a lucky shot, photographically speaking. I take pictures whenever I imagine that a composition has presented itself. And, like most photographers, I take several at a time of each thing so I can (potentially) ensure that I get at least ONE decent shot...

  I'm always looking at composition, taking an off-center shot or from an unusual angle or, if luck and my eye coordinate, a good shot at the right time. Luck and timing can be friend, or foe.

  These, to whet your palates, are random photos I was lucky enough to capture on hikes in the Pacific Northwest; at a pond near our home; in the air once passing over Oregon; and on a trail on a foggy morning near the 'northwestern-most point of the contiguous United States', I'll add more, so come back often!​​

In the shadow of the sun. Somewhere over Oregon. © T. E. Hatton, 2015

In a wood near home. © T. E. Hatton 2010

Hiking in the Pacific Northwest. © T.E. Hatton, 2014


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Cape Flattery, Washington in the fog. © T.E. Hatton 2014