The Prologue

Planned Chapters:

  I.   Dad’s Story
  II.  The Process 
  III. Pancreatic Cancer

  IV. The Plan (aka Crazy Idea)

  V.  Planning:

  • The Cause – Glenn I Hatton Memorial  Highway of Hope

  • The Route (approximately)

  • Chambers of Commerce

  • Local Law Enforcement

  • Permits/Street Use Regulations

  • Sponsor Requests

  • Donations

  • The Team (at the Beginning)

The Journey - California

Planned Chapters:

I.    Day One of the Journey - 

      Botanical Gardens, the University of

      California, Riverside
II.    We Started Out Dancing
III.   Who Joined Us – Their Stories
IV.   Towns We Discovered
V.    People We Met Along the Way -

       Their Stories – Survivors, Loved Ones,

       Patients, Physicians
VII.  Donations
VIII. Businesses that Helped Along the Way

​IX.   The Team (at the End; aka Who's Left?!)

The Prologue
The Journey - California
The Journey - Arizona
The Journey - New Mexico
The Journey - Texas
The Journey - Oklahoma
The Journey - Arkansas
The Journey - Tennessee
The Journey - West Virginia
The Journey - Virginia
The Journey - Washington D.C.
The Journey - Bethesda, Maryland

The Epilogue (Not Epitaph…We Hope)

T.E. Hatton, Author (etc.)

  The Journey* Books Planned in The Glenn I. Hatton

  Memorial Highway  of Hope SERIES:

  Sports Limericist (College Basketball/March Madness, College Football), Fiction, Non-Fiction, passions, eclecticisms...

  BOOKS PLANNED FOR The Glenn I. Hatton

  Memorial Highway of Hope SERIES:

* All The Journey books include the same chapters, with the exception that

   "Chapter 1" in each book begins with the first day in the respective state.

  The First Book Planned for - The Glenn I. Hatton

  Memorial Highway of Hope SERIES: