Well, perhaps shamefully, it continued a little beyond that.

​Then I was stuck in a pseudo-limerick mode, and the rest of the season, and March Madness, AND the championship run was like that. Kind of felt like I should apologize to all the people I inflicted those limericks on (and yes, as Winston Churchill would say, I've just ended a sentence with a preposition, which is "something up with which [he] will not put").​​

Anybody else's bracket get completely destroyed on the first weekend? ...

I had a dream it was football season again, woke up to 6" of melting snow from our recent 14" dump, and the Pacific Northwest's requisite winter rain, realized not only is it NOT football season, but it's only February. Then, I had a vision....

There was orange all around me, everywhere I could see, though I didn't quite take it seriously. As of course you might know, since it wasn't yellow, that I didn't have to get up and pee!

My vision continued curiously
Orange as far as the eye could see
In the middle of the night, you may imagine the fright
The hue blazed a swath to Tennessee!  

Now, I was smothered for a moment in sadness
But I smiled in a warm wrap of gladness
for I still dream of football, but confess to you all
We're fast approaching March Madness!

I suppose it's not odd, with winter's squalls,
that indoor arenas break out basketballs.
There's a game on today, at five out our way 
And we'll watch, and we'll yell: GO VOLS!!


Here's a little snippet of another one, just for fun. (Click here to follow my blog!)

... As we wake up again today

We’re all getting ready for [our teams] to play
The craziness starts and the kids leave their hearts
All over the floor of parquet

All of a sudden, we’re in this new week
The Madness has started and it’s not for the meek
Suddenly we’re back it’s
time to do your brackets
And see how much havoc one team’s loss can wreak...

You may notice that most of my limericks are Spartan-focused (even in defeat). Well, I'm an Michigan State University alum, so it makes sense.

​That does not mean, however, that I do not, can not, will not, support all of NCAA athletics and college athletes, healthy administrations which demonstrate proper leadership, protection, fair treatment and tolerance; and teaching of young people what it means to live with integrity, principles, strong character and outstanding sportsmanship.

Those I will most enthusiastically celebrate. And those who display opposite characteristics I will not hesitate to call out publicly; there is no place in college athletics - or in this world - for that.

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  March Madness, 2019 - Pseudo-Limericks

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