Plans include video/film and a series of (non-fiction) books (beginning with The Prologue), the proceeds from those sales going to research to end. 

By the way, this fundraiser isn't just for me. IT'S FOR YOU, TOO!

This fundraiser is for everyone and anyone who wants to join us or support us as we raise money to fight an insidious beast, this cancer which very few survive, whether you participate, contribute, donate, walk with us, jog (that might only be the first hundred feet or so, run (maybe on the last day, to the finish line), dance, crawl, slither...

  Pancreatic Cancer Fundraiser

The Journey - California

I.    Day One of the Journey

      Botanical Gardens, the University of

      California, Riverside

II.    We Started Out Dancing

III.   Who Joined Us – Their Stories

IV.   Towns We Discovered

V.    People We Met Along the Way

VII.  Donations

VIII. Businesses that Helped Along the Way

​IX.   The Team (at the End; aka Who's Left?!)

T.E. Hatton, Author (etc.)

  Sports Limericist (College Basketball/March Madness, College Football), Fiction, Non-Fiction, passions, eclecticisms...

The Prologue

The Journey - California
The Journey - Arizona
The Journey - New Mexico
The Journey - Texas
The Journey - Oklahoma
The Journey - Arkansas
The Journey - Tennessee
The Journey - West Virginia
The Journey - Virginia
The Journey - Washington D.C.
The Journey - Bethesda, Maryland

The Epilogue, Not Epitaph…We Hope